These are just a few small excerpts of various interviews with Ed Starink. For the full interviews, please follow the links to Starink World.

2001 Interview

This interview was conducted in German by Andreas Heinz on September 13th, 2001. Translation by Stefan Fleischmann.

Do you have a special source of inspiration?

This depends on the work I am doing. When I did film music, this was a different thing than when I did synthesizer music. In general this depends, of course, on my education. I studied and practised on the piano every day, which is necessary to obtain a piano diploma. I own the certificates ”Piano A” and ”B”. I was engaged in classical composition then, but at the same time also in modern productions in the studio, that I worked in since I was 15. In those days there were only 4 studios in Holland, and soon I played a role in most productions, and that didn’t change since.

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2004 Interview

This interview appears with the friendly courtesy of Glenn Folkvord from who conducted the interview by e-mail in March 2004.

Tell us about your background for becoming a musician.

I started playing the piano when I was five, had my first lessons from my mother, and soon music was my first virus. A little later I started with guitar and flutes and then came the first bands. When I was around fifteen, I decided to move in two directions. One, going to the Conservatory and study classical piano and composition. Two, playing and jamming in studios where I worked in that time with big names as David Bowie and playing Hammond for the Beach Boys. Then came the first synthesizer and the second virus had arrived!

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2013 Interview

In October 2013 the fans had the opportunity to ask questions – the campaign has been supported via the Facebook group and the e-mail newsletter.

Ed, what are you doing nowadays?

I am working on the second part of my Universe, namely the Universe Orchestral Works. Imagine a big orchestra, directed live with four synthesizer players.

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